Kenersville Historic Preservation Society Background: 

Prior to the 1980’s Kernersville’s population growth had been relatively slow.  In 1930 it was approximately 1,800 and by 1960 had reached approximately 3,000.  However, in the next 20 years, the population had doubled to 7,000.  In 1990 it reached 12,000 and by 2000 was 17,000.  The 2007 estimate is close to 25,000 with rapid increase seen as the economy in the Piedmont Triad attracts new businesses and current businesses prosper.  As a family-oriented town situated between larger population centers, Kernersville prides itself on maintaining a small-town atmosphere.  Historical buildings and land areas such as parks and cemeteries are a legacy that must be preserved.

KHPS Goals:    

*  Preserve and maintain historical structures through National and Local Historic Designations

*  Educate today’s citizens about the Town’s past and the people who lived here

*  Preserve the ambience of the Town’s history to co-exist side by side with the necessary modernization and expansion of the town

*  Promote the historical treasures of Kernersville for cultural and entertainment opportunities for the citizens

*  Support and contribute to other organizations such as the Kernersville Museum and Korner’s Folly to achieve common goals

*  Support and contribute to other historical organizations in North Carolina for the common goal of preserving the State’s history.

2019 Board of Directors​ 
President: Joe Pinnix
Vice President: Mandy Cheek
Treasurer: Wanda Kirkman-Nelson
Secretary: Mandy Cheek
Board Members: Bruce Frankel, Chris Gaugler, Kim Hittell,
Bobbie Wolfe

For information email:

Kernersville Historic Preservation Society
PO Box 2523
Kernersville, NC 27285

Tax-deductible donations are welcomed and may be sent to KHPS.

General Meetings are held every other month on the 3rd Monday


                                                         How to become involved in KHPS!

When:  The Kernersville Historical Preservation Society meets bi-monthly on the 3rd Monday in January, March, May, July, September, and November at 6:30 PM.  Members are notified about a week in advance of the location, time, and historical topic. 

Where:  Meetings are held in different locations, frequently at an historical building.

Who:  Many KHPS members are long-time residents of Kernersville who reminisce and share historical anecdotes, some live or work in historic buildings, while others are relative newcomers interested in supporting the preservation efforts.  In addition to the business and history agenda, meetings include a social “meet and greet.”  

What:  KHPS members participate in a variety of activities and events, such as:

* Conducting Holiday Open House tour of historical homes

  * Supporting  Kőrner’s Folly in its yearly events.

*  Contributing funds and expertise to maintain the One Room School House at Fourth of July Park

* Leading a community committee to preserve and maintain the pre-civil war St. Paul’s Cemetery

*  Conducting “Walk in Time” guided tours to re-create the historic area of the 1880’s (October 15, 2005)

*  Offering a program for local 3rd grades consisting of a Readers Theater at Kőrner’s Folly and an 

1880’s actual school lesson at the one-room schoolhouse.

*  Publishing a Walking Tour of Historic Homes

*  Co-Publishing Images of Kernersville

*  Working on the designation of historic Kernersville as a National Historic District

*  Keeping up-to-date on changes by the Town affecting the Historic District

*  Working to find ways to save threatened historic properties

*  Archiving personal stories and historic research

*  Promoting the history of Kernersville through advertising and education

Cost:  Annual dues are $20 per family.

Becoming a Member:  Are you interested in learning more about Kernersville’s history?  Do you want to work with others to support and preserve the town’s history and historical structures?   Come to KHPS meetings and learn more!

For additional information or to be added to the KHPS mailing list, complete the form below and mail to:

KHPS, PO Box 2523, Kernersville, NC 27285

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