Kernersville Historic Preservation Society 


Fall Cleanup Day at the Cemetery!  - Saturday, October 22 at 9:00

Preserving historical Kernersville became critical in the 1980’s due to the rapid development of commercial and residential property.  The Kernersville Historical Preservation Society (KHPS) was formed in 1982 to serve as an advocate for the Town’s historical buildings and memories of past generations. Many historic homes had already been lost and with them the history of the people who lived there. Long-time Kernersville resident, Cornelia Adams was instrumental in founding and leading the KHPS for more than 10 years. Mrs. Adams and Mary Ruth Korner, unofficial town historians, did much to preserve the printed history of the town. Today, the KHPS’ mission is to carry on this work. 

Kernersville Historic Preservation Society 
P.O.  Box 2523
KernersvilleNC 27285


 Thank you for a great Fall Cleanup Day at the Cemetery! 

St Paul’s Cemetery, located on S Main Street next to Cagney’s and behind the Stafford House, is the historic pre-civil war black cemetery that we are responsible for cleaning up after Sarah Hamlin’s long restoration effort.  So, YOU are needed this Saturday, October 22 at 9:00 for the  Fall Cleanup Day at the Cemetery! Bring your rake, blower, gloves, etc and come out to help!  The Town will be furnishing some blowers and dumpsters.  It should be a beautiful day and the Cemetery needs a lot of attention.  2 Boy Scout troops and a Brownie Troop are planning to help, but YOU are still needed!  Come and enjoy this historic peaceful place. You can enter next to the Stafford House and park at the cemetery.

Kernersville Historic Preservation Society

You are cordially invited!

The Next Meeting of the Kernersville Historic Preservation Society

    Monday, July 18, 2016 @ 6:00 PM

Picnic & Schoolhouse Lesson

Shelter # 1 at 4th of July Park

Time for our KHPS Summer Picnic and we hope you all can attend. Bring your favorite dish to share, 
it's always good eatin!!

In order to enjoy the picnic, you must first visit the one-room schoolhouse and 
get a special sticker from the schoolmarm!!

We might also see who knows the most history of our community- prizes available!! Guests are welcome.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the KHPS, 
please email:


Welcome to the new Kernersville Museum!

The KHPS in partnership with the Town of Kernersville has recently established a Kernersville Museum in

the late 1800's David Bodenhamer House, more commonly known has the Bellamy House,
located at 127 W. Mountain Street.

The Kernersville Museum is in the early stages of its development, however the museum is currently available to highlight small exhibits about our Community.

  • Share your story - If you are a member of a local Church, Club, Association or Family that feels you can set up a one room display to showcase your interesting history, please contact:

  • The Kernersville Museum is also interested in learning more about what historical artifacts of significance exist in our area. If you have any items that might be potential display pieces, please email with a description and (photo if possible.) Personal stories and old photos are also greatly appreciated!

  • If you are interested in visiting, volunteering or would just like to be added to the museum newsletter subscription list. Please send your name and email address to:

If you have an interesting item that you feel would be appropriate to display in the Kernersville Museum please complete The Kernersville Museum Object History Form attached below and email it too:

13.1 KB

The Perfect Community Event & Meeting Place

The Kernersville Museum  Foundation is pleased to offer to Kernersville/Forsyth County civic organizations, community groups, and individuals an opportunity to utilize the newly established Kernersville Museum, and the Kernersville Depot, as forums for showcasing, educating, and/or otherwise promoting various interests in the community in the form of exhibits, displays, civic group meetings, and other Kernersville-related activities.  Our Goal  The spaces at both locations will be made available to groups in the Kernersville community for either daily or short-term activities.  Priority will be given to non-profit groups focusing on events and activities that highlight some aspect of Kernersville history.  A Security Deposit will be required and there may be a charge for the use of the Museum/Depot (this may be waived, depending on the activity). If you are interested in learning more please review the two attached documents below:

newlogojpg+wordsPlease join us at the the next meeting of the Kernersville Historic Preservation Society meeting
Monday, Nov 21, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

Paddison Room

               Kernersville Public Library


“Kernersville – Then and Now”.  Jerry Taylor brings his interesting and informative presentation of Kernersville thru the years for our education and discussion.  Come and bring your own memories to share.  Everyone is welcome! This will be our last meeting for 2016.


Please note the time of 6:30 PM!  We will be accepting 2017 dues of $20 per family. It can be brought to the meeting or mailed to KHPS, PO Box 2523, K’ville 27285
If you have any questions, please email:


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